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     istock_000012817475xsmall.jpg   Reiki is energizing - you'll feel more energetic, more vital, because you'll have more energy. Some individuals begin to need less sleep and food.


     Reiki rejuvenates - people who work with reiki for a  long time, they will retain a youthful appearance and
begin to age more slowly. 

Reiki opens intuition - people will become more sensible. It's like opening a new perception of reality. The more you work with reiki, the more sensible you become.
Reiki is healing - all our bodies. Reiki is positively affecting our physical body, mental body, emotional body and spiritual body. Reiki heals and changes our whole being from the deep cellular structure. You will feel better physically and mentally.
Reiki is Cleansing - pathogenic zones, heavy and muddy energy. Using Reiki you can purify rooms where you will feel comfortable and safe. Reiki also can clean and minerals, food.. You can also clean all your body and energy centers.
Reiki fortify - positive afffects of herbs, minerals, crystals
Programing - reiki can help you to program various positive affirmations into your unconsciousness and energetic system.  You can create a new reality. Using reiki you can also give possitive program to talismans, amulets or any other items.

Thanks to work with Reiki, your life becomes happier, more vital and meaningful.