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I offer possibility of 30 days of distance healig, when I will for 30 days every day send you white divine light. 

You can also write an intention that you want to focus on. There can be more intentions for exhample healing back pain.

Every evening I work with divine light, when I send out light where it is requested or where it is needed and I ask God to heal everyone.

This procedure does not replace full medical care.

However, it will  you to go threw difficult time. It wil help you  bring physical as well as mental relief. It will increase vitality, so I recommend it even for mental exhaustion. The white divine light connects us with God, with unity. We receive support in solving difficult situations.

If you are interested, just send a photo by e-mail. After receiving the payment of 700 CZK to the account 2673835001/5500, I will start harmonization.