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In Reiki I. seminars, there will be open and clear a channel by an initiation for the universal life force energy called Reiki in order to start flowing to you. This universal Reiki energy, you can use wherever and whenever from the moment of being initiated into. By applying the Reiki energy through hand placement, you can give Reiki to yourself and others.

By the initiation into Reiki I., you will automatically gain a protection.  That protection prevents from a transmission of discordant energies in both directions. A person, who receives Reiki, protects himself against negative energies from you and at the same time, you protect yourself against transmissions of all negative energies from a recipient.

In the first four weeks after your attunement, sensitive individuals can notice a change. It happens because the human body meets up with the universal energy for the first time, and starts detoxifying and healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.  These changes are emotionally and experientially sensed in different ways because everyone is unique.

The Reiki energy harmonizes you by every hand positions used for other people or animals, plants etc. In every touch with the energy, even while healing others, Reiki affects you.

The more often you work with the reiki energy, the more open your channel is. The bigger channel, the more energy can flow through it. The more energy flows through your own channel, the more energy and power you have, then, that energy can be used for healing as an example. In other words, amount of reiki energy flowing through you is influenced by capacity of your channel.

The Reiki energy includes the universal wisdom. The universal wisdom is aware of how to dose itself and where to lead. That means that you cannot overdose yourself or anybody else by this energy while healing.  You do not need to have any healing abilities or other sensibility. The universal wisdom does everything for you. In the Reiki seminars it will be explained to you a principle of a healing yourself and others, it will be shown to you a simple and very effective clearing and balancing process of the energy centers.




- A lecture on what Reiki is, Reiki History and how the Reiki system works.
- Attunements which open a channel through which the Reiki energy flows.
- Self-healing/ self-treatment.
- Principles of hand positions for treatment of others.
- Energy center clearing and balancing.
- Grounding – connection to your energy center to prevent you from „flying” off.
- Inquiry spaces.
- You will receive a textbook and Reiki I. certificate.




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Reiki I. seminars are held always at 10 a.m.
Maximum attendance is  8 students in a Reiki I. Seminar.
We can arrange your own Reiki I. class schedule for 4 and more persons interested.